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Eric Anderson

Hi, I’m Eric Anderson. I started www.penturningtips.com because I wanted to share and learn about everything related to pen turning.

I am a custom home builder as my primary job and I make hand crafted writing instruments for fun and a side income. You can check out my pens at www.andersoncustompens.com.

I also started www.cafinish.com because I realized many of my fellow pen turners were as frustrated with the elusive CA pen finish as I had been. It took me a long time to learn a fast, consistent method that gaveme a super high-gloss finish, but I finally learned it and I started www.cafinish.com to help others learn it as well.

I am a very satisfied husband of a very beautiful wife, and father of 2 pretty girls (ages 4 years and 3 weeks as of the writing of this page). My other hobbies include vegetable gardening, taxidermy, and piddling in my (much too small) workshop!